Blog Portfolio – This Is for My Professor Not for My Overwhelming Amount of Dedicated Readers

Selected Blog Posts:

  1. Have You Heard about Barre?
  2. Fall Orchard Goods
  3. Let’s Start from the Bottom – Cauliflower Tots

Blogging Reflection:

Some girls need their style and celeb magazines. Hey, celebs and their latest fashion can be a good time occasionally. I get it. Even I can’t seem to get enough of my Hollywood guilty pleasure – the wild and crazy Miley – that we all secretly love and adore, but this girl’s true interest lies with popular and professional blogs specifically of the food, fitness, health, cooking, and nutrition sort.

So, the passion and interest is nothing new. However, I’ve always been the girl on the receiving, responding, and reblogging side – the safe side. This is the first time I’ve been the content creator. It’s been an exciting change of roles. I must say that I find myself pulling out my phone in the middle of class or while walking down the halls, opening the WordPress app, starting a new draft and jotting down my idea for a post in the subject line for later development. I’m a fan. It’s time consuming though. I don’t see how some bloggers develop a strong readership through frequent new posts while also being parents and full-time workers. Developing an effective blog seems like it would be a full-time job in and of itself.

I’ve learned a lot so far in this course about manipulating rhetorical appeals in my writing to attract and connect with my readers. For instance, my About Me Page incorporates anti-rhetoric or a hostility to rhetoric which is often a very effective appeal. I attempt to initially destroy my ethos or credibility by stating that I am not an expert on the topics that I am writing about. Instead, I reveal that I simply have passions and interests in them that motivate my researchings and postings. Also, my very first blog post (“Let’s Start from the Bottom – Cauliflower Tots”) begins with an unsuccessful recipe. Hopefully this appeal continues to work as people generally respond better to humility. I know I do. Failure is like the most relatable thing. This is coming from a senior English literature major with no idea where I’ll be working after next semester. I get it; I relate.

In all of my posts, I strive to include some sort of media whether it be images or videos. As a reader, I almost always skip over posts that don’t include types of media to capture my eye. Therefore, I use these images to attract the reader, supplement the content, and to break up the text to maintain the reader’s attention and interest. Also, embedding links has become one of my favorite aspects so far. It’s simple and so helpful. I use the links to source or expand on information, to draw the reader to my former posts in hopes of facilitating further explorations of my content, and to lead them to my social media – specially my pinterest account. Overall, my goal is to connect with my readers in a conversational style with helpful, interesting, and entertaining content. I just want us all to be healthy and happy.

I selected these three posts because I feel they exemplify my best work. The post describing barre involves variety in content, style, and media. There are two images and a video complementing the introduction and information of this workout. Embedded links aid in informing the reader on the definition and history of barre. I also incorporate a link to my Pinterest social media platform focused on the topic of barre. The content is broken down according to subheadings in an attempt to maintain organization and conciseness. The “Fall Orchard Goods” post was included because it’s reveals how I have learned about the ability to cohesively inform through brevity. This post is less than 100 words but it incorporates an image, a relatable paragraph that taps into the pathos we all feel surrounding the fall season, and three links to other posts of mine.

I feel like my most recent posts are stronger than my first few in terms of incorporating variety in presentation and content. I’m becoming more comfortable and enjoying playing around a bit more. My knowledge base on HTML needs to greatly improve. I want to change my layout. I don’t really like it, but a lot of the themes are cluttered, overwhelming bright colored, and skew my images. I also want to build and embed social media plugin buttons that aren’t ugly. I’m getting better at revealing my voice within my writing, but I’d like to reveal more personality to my readers. That can be hard when posting a list of ingredients, but I’d like to use more creativity in my blog.


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