Have You Heard about Barre? Well, Listen to Me; I’m an Instructor.

Barre – as in a ballet barre – is one of the newest fitness workouts on the market. At the studio where I instruct, the tuck is one of the fundamental elements. This is the form we teach to hold throughout to engage both the abdominal muscles and the seat. This tucking has redefined my life and body. I don’t think I’m the sort of person to feel comfortable posting a before and after photo, but if you do enough social media creeping, you’ll find and realize the difference in my body. Tucking has tightened and reshaped my entire figure especially in my legs, thighs, seat, and core.

What is it?

History of Barre

Why It’s for Everyone:

  • Modifications and advancements of the exercises allow a new person cold off the street to get a great individual workout right beside an advanced person who has been taking barre for years
  • It’s easy on joints so it’s a great compliment for competitors of high-intensity and impact sports such as marathon runners, CrossFitters, or those with seasoned and damaged joints

Why It’s Especially Beneficial for Women:

  • It targets trouble areas specific to the female frame such as: triceps (arm flab that jiggles while waving), hips, inner thighs, lifts the seat and chest low impact, the seat
  • There are modifications for pregnant women for all aspects of the workout


What Sets It A Part:

  • Toning benefits that are exceptional to those of contact and endurance sports
  • Apparent reshaping result from the upbeat isometrics in the core, arms, upper back, glutes, and legs
  • With aspects of Pilates, this workout encourages, incorporates, and requires a unique breathing focus that engages the abdominal throughout the entire workout

Are you a bulker? Fear Not.

  • The emphasis on stretching prevents bulking muscles and instead results in lengthening muscles out into leaner legs and arms

For information, tips, and videos on barre, follow my pinterest barre board.

Here’s a taste of the thigh portion of the workout:


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