More about Me

Here’s a little about my favorite health topics, happy topics, and aspects of my in between times:

In terms of good health, I love researching different ways, people, and places involved with healthy lifestyles. Surrounding myself with positive people and information contributes to my overall mindset. I try to follow and read about healthy and natural recipes, remedies, and activities that seem to bring us back to the way the earth originally intended for us to live, grow, and adapt.

I do not align with any single practices or diet restrictions. I like to dabble and find the ones that my body and resources respond best to. Overall, I try to cut down on starchy breads – with the exception of bran cereal and oatmeal – and processed foods.

Spinach is my go-to food. I eat it every day. I eat it with, on, under every meal. Sometimes it’s the main meal served with mild salsa and nonfat Greek yogurt. I used to strictly count calories and found success but my spirit and mind suffered as I became obsessed with the numbers. I wouldn’t always monitor my caloric intake in healthy ways. Calories are important though. It’s the unit measure for energy. If you consume more energy than burned off, it will be stored as fat. It’s really very simple, but calorie-conscious people have been known to cut out good fats and oils that are full of nutrients due to their higher calorie count.

At night, I try to drink hot herbal tea, coffee on late study nights like tonight, or fat free hot chocolate. I’ve learned that I’ve misunderstood my body for years by interpreting thirst for hunger. I would go consume – and still sometimes do – unnecessary calories in an attempt to appease my body. All it was needing was a glass of zero calorie water.

My areas of improvements involve my diet especially in regards to sweets – especially, especially in regards to dark chocolate, butterscotch chips, cereal, and sweetened coconut. I could eat those things and eat nothing ever again.

This post is going on and on. I’d like to continue, so I think I’m going to turn this into a page along side MY About Me page. I’ll keep you posted. Speaking of, go refresh yourself on the small details revealed in my About a Girl Named Jana and tell me what you’d like to know more of.


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