Somedays a Girl Ends up Eating Her Weight in Chocolate

That girl was me. That day was today. Yes, on days and nights when everything on all of the syllabi in the universe is due by midnight or the next morning, I tend to over over overrrrr indulge in chocolate and chocolate esque things.

Hey, we’re all human. It’s not the end of the world. It is not an advisable habit, but it’s nice to know we all admit that the struggle is real. School, work, food, cleaning, working out, breathing, life, it all.

One thing is for sure; tomorrow is a new day, and it has the capacity to be a healthier day. No self-loathing – okay, maybe a bit, but get it out of your system, put on a good song, dance it out, stretch, and inhale and exhale. Tomorrow is new.

While waiting on tomorrow, take a look at how confused and overwhelmed I’ve felt all day:



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