Posting from the Natchez Trace Parkway


From the backseat of a 15 person van, I’m responding to a question that I’ve been asked by several since the launching of this blog. First, I’d like to note that if you ever get the chance to drive south down the Natchez Trace Parkway on Halloween morning, do it. I forgot I was missing the fall foliage transformation while being stuck inside either at work, class, or the library the past few weeks. It’s gorgeous and this road trip is exactly what I’ve been needing.

Back to the question – many have asked what’s a normal busy weeknight dinner look like for me when I might not have the most available time at the stove.

It looks very similar to this:


Spinach is always present and acts as a bed to whatever other veggies, beans, grain esque substances, or legumes available.

Salsa is also always present. I put mellow black bean and corn salsa (Kroger’s) on almost everything. It’s healthier and heartier than most dressings.

On this plate, there is gluten free Mediterranean quinoa (Kroger’s) and sautéed canned tuna. Cooked canned tuna might sound gross, but add some Cajun seasoning and it’s quite nice. Depending on what’s on my pantry shelf, sometimes it’s chopped cucumber and green bell peppers, couscous, lentils, sautéed yellow squash and zucchini, or green split peas.

I’ve mentioned my coconut obsession; well, this meal is no exception. Instead of vegetable or olive oil, I use coconut oil to sauté or cook everything.

My go-to spices and seasonings while cooking or sautéing all of the above rotate between thyme (primarily on the veggies), Cajun seasoning (best on lentils with added sautéed mushrooms), and the combination of ground curry and ground ginger (couscous seasoning). I’m still looking to explore and learn how to complement dishes with new spices.

Welp that’s my go-to meal, and perfect timing because we’re pulling off the Natchez at a rest stop. Time to stretch the legs.


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