Healthy Meal Options for the 76th Annual Hunger Games

In honor of the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere, I’m posting some healthy and easy campfire recipes in case any of you ever find yourself in the Hunger Games. If Effie happens to pull your name, don’t worry. Though you will have the elements and 23 tributes after your neck, I’ve got your back. The cameras will be on you, so you’ll want to maintain both your strength and your figure. These Katniss-worthy recipes could save your life and waistline – or maybe you’re just looking for some healthy options the next time you go camping.

BUT REMEMBER: The campfires will attract the attention of your enemies. Find shelter for your fire in a cave or set several diversion fires to lead the tributes away from your own.

Let’s not talk about the fact that these recipes require the miracle of stumbling upon a well-maintained vegetable garden. Maybe this year’s arena will in fact be a garden. Eh?


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