Tips to Stay Healthy on Thanksgiving

Don’t skip breakfast ever but especially not on a Holiday – get your metabolism going first thing and prevent over-indulgence

Move instead of napping directly after the meal – go play outside with your nieces and nephews (what I’ll be doing), start a bit of wine-induced dancing, help clean up, get the giggles flowing with some crazy stories or board games (ab workout yeahhh,) take the dogs out, or anything to burn some calories and support the digestion process instead of killing over on the couch

Don’t deprive yourself – try the things you want and don’t be ashamed or guilty to indulge a bit. Just try to keep portions small

Eat slowly – take your time and allow your body to realize when it’s full instead of shocking it into a food coma

Send leftovers home with loved ones – be weary of any Nana’s with similar intentions. Before you know it, you’ll be taking home her entire crockpot of leftover cream cheese mashed potatoes and a whole pecan pie

Get right back on track with your next meal – that night, shoot for lean and green. As always, I suggest some variation of a spinach salad

Kick the anxiety and be thankful – focus on the good people, times, and stories. A wise woman in my life challenged me to interview and document interactions with members of my family over Thanksgiving break. Ask your grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends questions about their histories and present lives. Be engaged and document; be reflective and thankful.



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