The Eve of Finals Week

What do you make to ease your finals-week woes? Candy Cane Kisses Pancakes, yo.

They take five minutes to make and eat – a small amount of the time you already don’t have to spare.


I used Bob’s Red Mill whole grain pancake mix because we ran out of our usual gluten free kind. Use coconut oil to heat the skillet. Add non-dairy coconut milk (Kroger’s) and place a couple kisses on top. Press them down as they melt before flipping. Once cooked, it’s like they’re pancakes with Christmas cheer as filling.

So happy. They helped me complete this professional writing portfolio before beginning another paper.

Yay, skewl.

Really though, one of my favorite people recently reminded me that I’m extremely blessed to have access to formal education. Even though all I want to do is cook, write about it, teach and take fitness classes, and travel to learn how others do it, school has helped me realize that, and so I should be grateful.

I am grateful. It’s just finals week, but we can do it.


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