My Body Is in Shock

This is day seven of a diet of homemade everything – cookies, cakes, casseroles, it all.

I thought I could just taste a few things and walk away. Ha. I overestimated myself.

The struggle is very real people.

This time last week, I was able to say no to the dips and desserts. Well, by party number two, my will power went to hang out with the spinach and kale at the back of the bottom shelf of the fridge.

It was a gradual downward slope. I started tasting the dips by dipping spinach leaves in them instead of crackers, chips, or bread. My older brother even stated, “You know the spinach doesn’t make that Reuben dip healthy, right?” Yeah, I know; it made me feel less terrible about myself though.

Well, it’s late afternoon of Christmas Day, and it doesn’t matter how I try to sugarcoat it. My body hates me. My stomach is in fact sugarcoated with so much dense and rich food. It tasted so so nice at the time. I couldn’t get past the guilt though to fully enjoy it, and I’m definitely not enjoying it now.

Currently, I feel bloated, moody, tired, and my skin is breaking out like crazy. Also, WWIII might be taking place in my abdomen based on the implosions I keep feeling and hearing.

Anyways, enough with the self-loathing. My brother and sister-in-law contributed to my stockpile of cookware presents that everyone kindly got me this year. They got me an immersible hand blender. I will be using it daily for the next week as a lot of recovery juicing will be happening.

This is my first hand-blended creation:



  • fresh pineapple chunks
  • green grapes
  • raw spinach leaves
  • water
  • agave nectar

It took a couple of minutes to create and was and is exactly what I need to recover from this Christmas cheer.

Here are some articles on how your diet affects your skin and mood:


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