I Never Post about the in-between Times

The title of this blog is Health, Happiness, and the in-between Times. I rarely post about the in-between times. Well, this weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long while.

Good friends. Adventures. Laughter. Haircuts. Coffee. Blankets. Candles. Movies. Stretching. Tea. Jesus. Talks. Books.


After teaching a morning ballet barre class, I went to KT girl‘s house for breakfast. We ate the almond-coconut granola that she and Sophie made on New Year’s Eve with almond milk and banana slices. KT’s latest purchase of a French press also produced several lovely cups of coffee.


Then we walked downtown to the cutest hair parlor in town and  had the front of my hair chopped into straight across bangs. Yes, straight across bangs. Was it a mistake? Mmm, no I don’t think so. The lovely girl cutting my hair said everyone needs a set of chunky piecey straight across bangs at least once in their lives. Okay, sure yeah. I guess my time has come.


Do I like them? Yes, so much yes. They are fun, and I feel fun with them. So there was that. Thanks KT for giving me a push, then taking my picture a thousand times (yay new prof pics on all social medias), and then trekking to Good Will for new sweaters.

For lunch, KT made tomato soup and we used the remainder of the avocado crema by placing healthy-sized dollops in each bowl. Nom.

The evening was wrapped up with yummy chocolate treats. We modified a recipe that we made together earlier this fall by putting the coconut oil chocolate sauce on bananas and frozen berries. We enjoyed this treat alongside a movie.



After starting the day off with the Lord, I had some pleasant visitors stop by. My older brother and his family were in town, so I got to spend time with my wild twin niece and nephew – Jay and Eva.


Speaking of nieces and nephews, you should know that my bangs were inspired and modeled after my 3 1/2 year old niece, Olive.


After playing with the kiddos, I went hiking with a group of lady friends. It was the perfect afternoon for such adventures. I needed the fresh air.



The evening was wrapped up with good talks, laughter, kitty-times, and movie watching with a dear friend Logan. She let me borrow some good literature – Not by Sight and The 5 Love Languages. Yes, I’m just now getting around to discovering my love language. Yay. Also, meet her kitty, Princess Penelope:


It’s been back to the real world this week with work, but I’ve had a little me time. I took advantage of that by spending way too much money at the local Nutrition Center where I purchased a gigantic container of raw extra-virgin coconut oil, liquid biotin, and my first bottle of Kombucha. I must say I really enjoyed the lemon-ginger-raspberry flavored concoction.


Also, my food crush Phoebe Lapine commented on my fish tacos with avocado crema post. I was inspired by and pretty much followed her recipe, and she responded. Yay! Check it out.


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