Dark Chocolate Comatose

Yes, it’s true; I’m currently in a dark chocolate comatose.

This isn’t a post for the healthy category but a post for the happiness one. And for the detox one. That one doesn’t exist, but it needs to.

On a side note, my valentine became the 2014 WKU Coming Home King on Thursday night, so that’s fun.



After the Coming Home King festivities, I played Valentine’s Day prep with my girls Logan and Lilly. My boy is the king of snacking, so I wanted to fill a cute mason jar with a sweet/salty snack. Check out the recipe I found on Pinterest. They were realllyyyyy good. Unfortunately. Also, they literally took ten minutes to make – pretzels, hugs, and M&Ms.




Logan made her man a cute Valentine’s Day box filled with good words, memories, and BACON heartz. Yes, bacon in the shape of hearts.


My Valentine knows me best and gave me the best selection of dark chocolate from a local chocolate store, Mary Jane’s Chocolates. So. Good. and I pretty much consumed it all in 24 hours. I’m saving the dark chocolate in the shape of kitty though. Meow. Even though it wasn’t the healthiest week of my life considering I treated everyday as if it was Valentine’s Day, it was such a fun and happy one with many of those that warm my heart.


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