I Saw the Sun This Morn

As I opened my eyes this morn, it was pouring through the blinds of my window.

I’ve been trying to get back into my old fitness regimen of running daily, and this natural light that I’ve been missing for so long made it easy to throw the covers back.

I’m not back into my old running shape yet, but I’m feeling better and happier with each stride. After a half hour jog, I thanked God for this beautiful day and for all the ones that have not been so beautiful.

I’ve shared my feelings towards stretching before, but I’ll do it again. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Everyday multiple times a day, do it. So, I came home and briefly stretched while my Ezekiel bread was toasting.

Here are some yoga poses and stretches for the morning, for the desk-job workers, and those with neck pain.

Even if the sun isn’t out where you are, know that it’s a new day with a fresh opportunity to strive for good health and happiness.

Also, here’s another piece of encouragement that I read this morn in Jon Bloom’s Not by Sight which is the devotional Logan lent me:

Sometimes we wait for direction. Sometimes we’re stuck in a very hard place and wait for release. Sometimes we wait to understand His purposes. Jesus’ timing and purposes are not always clear to us, though they are always best for us. So, He wants our faith resting on the rock of His Word and not on the sand of our circumstance.

Also, Happy Birthday shout out to this crazy that turns 24 today. This is a throw back to our sunny play times in wildflower fields. Miss and love you Ellenore forever and always.



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