Veggie Sunny Side Up Kind of Morning

Morning yo.

It’s Monday, and I was hungry this morn. My day started at 5, and I have a full schedule until late this evening. I knew I needed a healthy and hearty breakfast to get and keep me going today.

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods in Franklin, TN with a dear friend. I’ve talked about my love for this place before, and yesterday only added to my appreciation and affection.


So, this veggie egg on toast breakfast was a product of that trip.




  • in coconut oil, saute the onions, mushrooms, and garlic until caramelized
  • add the cherry tomatoes and egg
  • add salt
  • you can give it a scrambled egg effect by tossing the ingredients until the egg is cooked or crack it and cook sunny side up
  • add a few spinach leaves and black pepper to the top
  • I placed mine over a toasted piece of flourless Ezekiel bread and added Kalamata olives and crumbled some feta cheese on top


I’ve been on the food blog hunt lately, and here are some of my favorite new discoveries:

Also, I hope my week turns out to be as happy and fun as Logan‘s was last week. Check it out.


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