Salmon That Actually Did Not Taste Gross

Salmon has always freaked me out. I remember while growing up how it would stink up the house when my mom would make it, and it always tasted too fishy for my liking.


Well, thanks to the encouragement of my roommate Elizabeth, I gave it a chance. It turned out really nicely. We used frozen salmon fillets from Aldi.



  • set the oven to 400
  • add a bit of lemon juice to the thawed fillets and a dash of ginger powder
  • cook for 15 minutes
  • remove and add thai coconut galangal stir-fry sauce and coconut flakes
  • cook for 5 more minutes
  • remove and crumble crackers on top
  • set the oven to broil for a couple more minutes to toast the crackers
  • remove, place over spinach, and enjoy – we also cooked couscous with broccoli as a yummy side

Today is the second snow day in a row. It’s officially spring break for me, and I leave to study abroad in the Caribbean early in the morn. Yay.


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