Trini Food Lalala – Day 1

My hair is jungle wild in this Caribbean heat. I’ve applied sunscreen thrice, and it’s not even noon. We went on a campus tour at The University of the West Indies this morn. We have a few lectures lined up today and then playing with birds later on apparently.

My first Trini meal consisted of a salted cod sandwich on coconut bread with tomatoes, pimento olives, carrots, and lettuce. Surprise, surprise – I was a fan of the coconut bread. The cod was definitely salted. This was served with a side of fruit – watermelon, papaya, and pineapple and a currant pastry. AND COFFEE. Thank goodness.




Well, this sweaty, wild haired, pale girl is loving this trip so far. Yay.


Lunch. I wanted something light because i was hot and still full from the bready breakfast. while on campus, i went to a gyro spot and ordered Fattoush mainly because I didn’t know what it was. It was under the veggie sides, so I figured it’d be a good call. When I ordered it, the woman kindly corrected my “fah-toosh” with “you mean, ‘fah-twah'”. It consisted of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and spices. I really liked it.


After a lecture on the Indian Diaspora in Trinidad, we went to a bird sanctuary. I thought this was going to consist of walking inside a large cage full exotic birds. Instead it consisted of a brown river, wooden boat, snakes in trees, and after two hours, watching huge flocks of scarlet ibises fly across the water at sunset. Our tour guide showed us a black mango tree that produces salt on its leaves.




Today’s been wild. It was just day one. Love, blessings, and good vibes.


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