Trinidad Day Two – Pitch Lake

20140307-230837.jpgWell, I’m tired today. I didn’t get much sleep. It’s hard to with so many fun people around in such an exciting place.

Today consisted of a morning lecture and then a steel pan drums lesson. I really liked that. We learned two songs.

Then I had a veggie gyro for lunch that consisted of pita, cabbage, and potatoes in spices. It was pretty good. Then a passion fruit slush. Really good. Lots of sugar I’m sure. The most exciting part of the day was when we drove for a couple hours past San Fernando to the southern most tip of the island. We went to pitch lake which is a lake that produces natural asphalt. The water that comes up at the surface is said to be rejuvenating with its sulfuric minerals. It was really cool. My chacos are now covered in tar, but it’s all good and fun.

Oh and I tried some of Coumba’s spinach chopped purée that was seasoned with maggi – pepper and chicken flavor. I really enjoyed it.20140307-230150.jpg20140307-224633.jpg20140307-230741.jpg20140307-230800.jpg20140307-234245.jpg20140307-234737.jpg



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