Maracas Beach – Bake & Shark

As we drove away from Maracas Beach, I realized I left a piece of my free and full heart in the Caribbean Sea. While I bobbed along the waves, I looked out at the sea and thanked the Good God, I looked back at the coastline that looked like a scene from Lost and thanked the Good God, and I looked around at the light and easy smiles and thanked the Good God. The beach didn’t have many shells but smooth rocks. Momma Gine, I grabbed you some. My new friend Coumba helped me find some really pretty ones for your rock collection.


Maracas beach is known for bake and shark. This is a fried shark fillet sandwich. I thought the texture was a hybrid between cod fish and chicken breast. It had great flavor though – heck, it was fried.



It comes with a plethora of sauces. Know that I love to dip food in sauces. I’m a dipper. My roommate back home Elizabeth properly prepared me when she said, “This is the land of sauces”. I tried several sauces including a white garlic sauce (pictured at the front of the piece of bake)




chandon beni (cilantro),


and mango chutney.

I had a side of pineapple. The pineapple here is white and so tasty. Near the beach, a woman was selling cocoa pods and portugal fruit which is a local type of orange. I asked her how she eats the cocoa pods. She cuts the top, opens it up, eats the portions surrounding the seeds. “Chocolate is made by fermenting, sun drying, and sometimes slow roasting the little beans that form inside the pod. However, a sweet, white, and sticky flesh grows around the beans that can be eaten fresh out of the pod.” I expected it to be bitter, but she confirmed that it is very sweet. If I wasn’t so excited for the beach, I would have found the supplies to crack one of those suckers open. 


 Day three has been the best so far. Give me the beach and waves everyday always.

On the way there, we stopped on the mountainside for a quick view of the sea. There were also several food stands. I purchased some carmelized coconut shavings that were seriously divine. And check out the view.



Here’s some kurma that is basically made of flour, butter, and sugar – so, it’s good.


People were also selling things like vegetables such as cucumber and beans in seasonings like chadon beni. And coconut in all shapes and colors.



Coumba got some spiced mango. I loved this. I asked the woman how she made it and she said salt, pepper, garlic, and chadon beni.


So far, I’m not as filled with greens like I usually am back home. Instead, I’m full of spice, sugar, and good times.


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