Trinbago Sweets

So much to update on, and I’m exhausted. Here’s a quick look at some local sweet treats.

Coconut Fudge – coconut shavings, brown sugar, and coconut milk



Fresh Coconut Water – this was so much better than anything I’ve ever tasted from a store. The best form of hydration. I was rushed to get to the waterfalls, so I didn’t have time for him to open it up for me to scrape the jelly or meat of the coconut out. I’m going to try that before I leave though. Yum coconut everything!



Bene Balls – bene (sesame seeds) and brown sugar. I really liked these a lot. They reminded me of energy balls. They were hardened, so I had to suck on them a bit before biting through. I’m telling you; this is the land of sugar – sugar cane.


Cocoa Pods I was able to try what was being sold down at the first time we were down at the beach, and it was so sweet. It had a really interesting texture. The cocoa that makes chocolate is at the core of the little white pods. To taste the sweetness from the pods – as the raw cocoa is bitter – you must suck on not bite the pods. This plant is incredibly beautiful and it tastes sweet; I approve.


Coconut Turnover – we stopped at a bakery while in downtown Port of Spain, and I asked for anything they made with curry and coconut. They handed me a turnover, and I’m so happy they did. The bread is yellow and reminds me of Kings Hawaiian Bread. They used coconut shavings, brown sugar, and cinnamon for the filling. And a pineapple sugar glaze on top. So. Good.


Plantains – I’m a banana fan, but these plantains are very nice too. They fry them and it’s like crack candy. They’re packed with sweet flavor. They also make them into chips which are a bit healthier. While our plane was delayed, I put together a makeshift dinner at a nearby shop – coconut Greek yogurt, cashews, and plantain chips as spoons. It was a very Trini snack as I’ve seen coconut trees, cashew trees, and freshly picked plantains while here.



All The Drinks That Aren’t Water – have sugar, sugar, sugar, but it’s cane sugar. The juices, alcohol, and pops are all super sugary. These are the fruit punch drinks we had at lunch yesterday.


Today is beach day in Tobago. They’re going to have to force me to leave this water and weather.



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