Tobago Dinner by the Sea

On the first day in Tobago, which is where my heart was most light and free, we went to the market place, Fort King George, and then to Jemma’s Seaside Kitchen. It was a really nice restaurant located literally right on the beach. The waves were lapping about 20 yards from our table.

With the breeze, sound of the waves, and the fresh fish, this was my favorite meal in terms of aesthetics.

I ordered curried fish.



Coumba ordered the grilled fish. I tasted it – so good too.


They served it with cassava casserole. This was my favorite dish of the meal. It tasted like hash-brown casserole sans the corn flakes.


They also served the dish with rice and veggies.


To drink, they served Shandy which is a combo of lager and sorrel. It was interesting.



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