Trini Staples

There were a few different foods that I knew I had to try while in Trinidad. Not only were they supposedly delicious, they were traditional dishes.

Doubles. Roti. Callalou.

These were the main ones. Cassava was also included, but I’m going to go more into that on my next produce revolving around my Trini market place times.

Callalou is a very unique dish. It’s key ingredients are dasheen bush, okra, and maggi seasoning. I’ve tried it a couple times, and I like it. It goes really nicely over rice. The texture can become a bit funny at times, and it kind of resembles baby food. I was just happy to see some green and spinach esque food.


Doubles has been my absolute favorite meal so far. It consists of two white flour tortillas (hence the name doubles), curried chick peas, with cheno beni and pepper sauce on top. It’s wrapped in paper and folded into one big tasty mess. Your fingers, hands, and face will be covered in deliciousness. I’m love flavor, but I have a hard time handling heat. This trip has helped; my heat tolerance is increasing – I still recommend order slight pepper not heavy.


This kind lady known as Sam’s Aunt (Sam has been out driver and guide all week) was the one putting the love into this food. They were so good; she even received a few marriage proposals from some of our guys. Spot on, Sam’s Aunt. Spot on.


Roti – the history behind this food nicely complements the course we have been taking while on this trip revolving around African and Indian Diasporas as this food is not solely unique to the Caribbean but also in parts of South Africa and the Mediterranean. It is a flour based tortilla type bread wrap filled with curried meats and vegetables. Mine was curried boneless chicken with bodhi which are thin green beans. I really liked mine.



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