Post-Trini Dish

While studying abroad in Trinidad and Tobago, I had the opportunity to get to know my professor’s wife, Mrs. Terri Yip Hoi-Rosa – what a pleasure and blessing. Once she learned about my foodie passion, she kindly channeled my experience with a Trini food ways scope. As a departure gift, she gave me a bag of Trini treats that included a bottle of Paramin ground seasoning. It’s my first day back in the states, and I couldn’t wait to use it.


I threw together a quick dinner of black lentils, my remaining can of cannellini beans from the roasted fennel bean dip, curry spice, ginger powder, garlic salt, and paramin seasoning. I topped with a bit of ground black pepper, red wax gouda cheese, cottage cheese, and sriracha hot sauce. This was a really nice small/large textured and hot/cold bowl of yumminess.


Thank you Dr. Rosa and Mrs. Terri for the delicious kindness.


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