Who Needs Baking Courses When You Have a Mother Like Mine

Well, okay. I do; I still need culinary school and baking & pastry courses, but I had my first fun and informal cupcake decorating lesson from my mother last night.


My niece Olive is having her 4th birthday party tonight, and so a cute cake and some cupcakes were in order. My mother decorated the hello kitty cake herself, and I must admit that I’m ridiculously impressed.


We baked carrot cake cupcakes, and used the homemade icing left over from the cake. She taught me a few flower, swirl, and fluffy frosting designs.


We had the best time playing in the kitchen together. I also learned that she made and decorated her own wedding cake. She took a cake decorating class with my Nana beforehand. Um, what? That’s so cool. I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time cooking with her over the years. So much to learn from her.



Then she threw together a pot of chicken veggie soup with lentils, collard greens, diced tomatoes, onion, and black, kidney, pinto, cannellini, and white beans in chicken broth with cumin spice.


Also, it’s beginning to look a lot like Easter around here. Mom picked these from her flower bed this morning, and my twin niece and nephew had their pictures taken with the Easter bunny.


20140405-121220.jpgIt sure is good to be home.



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