Alice Waters Kind of Asparagus Morning

In three weeks, I will be a college graduate and on my way to the airport to head to East Asia for a month with my girl Logan. This semester has been wild and crazy and scary and overwhelming and sad at times, but I’ve never been at a more grateful place in my life. God is opening my eyes to the blessings, strong-hearted people, and adventures behind, around, and ahead of me. So, if you’re someone with a heart of gold in my life, I say thank you and all good things to you – you know who you are.

Throughout these recent wild times, I haven’t been able to play in the kitchen as often. Boy, has it taken a toll on my soul. Yesterday I picked up my order of fresh spinach, asparagus, and cage free eggs from O’Daniel Farms at the Sky Farmer’s Market. This morn I rolled out of bed, opened Alice WatersThe Art of Simple Food, flipped to the asparagus section, and got to cooking.

I love Alice Waters. She’s considered the mother of the organic movement, and cooking in her world famous restaurant, Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, CA would literally be the absolute dream. She’s allll about the simple cooking of very fresh and local foods – the kinds of which you’re able to meet and interact with the growers. Well, I’ve been able to get to know Joe and Debbie O’Daniel, and they sure are special people. The love behind their produce is apparent.





“Let the love of Christ control you and live no longer for yourself but rather for him who died and was raised. Live in that love and war on.” Happy Sunday.


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