China Part II – Dumplings

I have to admit that I still kind of feel like a Chinese dumpling myself due to the catastrophic number of actual dumplings I consumed during my month adventure. They. Are. Just. So. Good.

Thankfully, we discovered a couple of northern Chinese style restaurants that we frequented. The northern dishes were hands down some of my favorites. Jiaozi is the Chinese name, and we had the chance to help make a homemade batch with the help of some of our friends. A girl we met whose Chinese name is Lucy is originally from the north, and so she was a dumpling making genie. It took some practice getting a hang of the dough craftsmanship, but I soon realized that a dumpling tastes just as good with a few misplaced corners and wrinkles.




Notice Logan‘s pinch technique:



As I continue recovering from my dumpling overdose, check out this recipe on how to make your own authentic Jiaozi.


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