a colorful, tasty and vegan kind of job

UntitledOne week ago, I had a week and a half under my Brooklyn belt and no source of income. Within this short time, I had ventured to IKEA twice, had applied to about 25 jobs and had interviewed for two positions. One of those interviews was at Beyond Sushi in the city. At the interview, I was assigned a bit of menu homework – the sauce list. I memorized it, but I wanted some sushi-making experience instead of going into training the next day with zero knowledge of the process. Oh, it wasn’t a sushi chef position, but I still wanted an idea of how it worked.

On Friday, I walked to Whole Foods in search of nori, rice vinegar, sugar, rice and vegetables. Katie and I gave it a go that night, and it was delicious and pretty. I didn’t have a sushi mat to roll it, so I used this hand towel technique instead. The roll wasn’t as tight as it would have been with the mat – it definitely wasn’t as neat as the sushi chef pros at Beyond Sushi – but it worked.


This recipe was helpful when making the sushi rice. On the inside of the roll, I used cucumber, carrots, avocado and red bell pepper. I topped with sliced avocado which was my poor attempt to resemble the restaurant’s Pickle Me roll.





I woke up the next morning with a bit more sushi experience and an eagerness for the training. If it went well, the job would be mine. Apparently, it didn’t go too terribly because I walked out of there a member of the Beyond Sushi team as a sales associate! I take orders, process payments and delivery orders, sauce the rolls, pack or plate the orders, serve and bus tables along with a thousand other little details and tasks that must get done for the ship to sail smoothly. Yesterday was my first full day on my own. I’m still learning. The pic below are two rolls that I sauced to eat while on break. So, as you can see, the sauce dots aren’t top notch. Again, I’m learning. Good thing the dot mishaps didn’t change the flavor though.


I absolutely love this job and atmosphere. Everything I’ve tasted so far is seriously mind blowing. All of the senses are engaged. It looks beautiful, the textures from the various veggies are nice and ultimately the flavors are incredible. The sauces on top give it a lovely touch as well.

Below is the snapchat I took as I walked out of the restaurant as a hired gal. Tears of joy soon followed as I called my parents to tell them the glorious news. Thank the Good Lord.


If you’re in the city anytime soon, seriously come visit me at Beyond Sushi. YAY.


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