My First Brooklyn Food Adventure

I’ve officially been in Brooklyn for 3.5 days. Yesterday was the first day that I felt like I officially live here. There are a handful of people that I know living in the city, and a few of us planned a welcome-to-the-city/college-reunion brunch at the Clover Club in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It turned into a delightful time with friends Drew and Kaitlyn involving baked eggs, toast, arugula and fried chicken.

Kaitlyn ordered the fried chicken. It wasn’t like Kentucky fried chicken, but that was for the better. With dark brown buttermilk breading, it had a nice sweet/savory flavor as it was served with honey and hot sauce.20140720-123107-45067842.jpgDrew and I were craving eggs, so we both ordered the baked eggs with chorizo and manchego. I may be a foodie in development, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I wasn’t quite sure what chorizo and manchego were. Well, chorizo is a pork sausage originating in Spain and Portugal. Manchego is a cheese made of sheep’s milk from Don Quioxte‘s land of La Mancha in Spain. The eggs had just a slight kick of heat. Drew and I cleaned our entire plates.

After brunch, we walked through Prospect Park and settled onto a blanket next to the lake. Now, I’m snuggled into the sofa at a dear friend’s home on Long Island. It has been the best first weekend as an official New York resident. I am thankful for the yummy times with sweet souls and looking forward to more to come.



Brooklyn Bound

So, I just wanted to post an update on my life.
20140709-124709-46029911.jpgIn one short week, I will board a plane to New York City where I will spend the next year of my life, and that’s really all I know for sure. I’m looking for any jobs in the food world. Preferably food writing in an atmosphere that values farm to table cooking. But I’ll take almost anything to start out.

So, if you know people, let a girl know. Please. I have a couple of interviews lined up. Well, by a couple I mean one. At The Brooklyn Kitchen and I hope hope hopeeeee it works out. If it doesn’t, something else will. I might have to go door-to-door in every cafe, coffee shop, bakery, etc. in all of NYC and beg for employment. Whatever it takes.

So, I get there next week. I get settled in my Brooklyn apartment. I let the internet guy in the door to set up our glorious wifi. Then the job hunt begins. Oh, and not to mention meeting up with some pals that are currently in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Yay.

What do I have so far? Um, a mattress. It arrived at our apartment yesterday. Who else is included in the word our? My friend, roommate and fellow cat lovin’ crazy named Katie. She’s great. I’m excited. We’re all excited. Including her kitty, Margot.

What do I plan on taking? A couple of suitcases and a backpack. One bag will be full of cookware.

What are my emotions? Sheer excitement. Like jumping on my bed excited. But I don’t actually do that. I would break the twin bed in my room at my parents’, but the emotions are real. Also, I’m looking forward to upgrading to a big girl bed. Yes, I’m an adult… Also, there’s a bit of anxiety surrounding the job search, but I’m confident it will work out. Hire me people. It’ll be good for both us; I promise. Also, of course, I’ll miss my family and friends, but I’m so thankful for all of their love and support during this adventure. I’m just soooo excited to see what is in store. It will no doubt be a wild ride, I’m sure.

Leave a comment if you want my new address! I’d love letters. Oh, and stay tuned for many more Manhattan posts to come!


These photos are from Joanna Goddard‘s blog A Cup of Jo. I’ve told you about how much I love this blog before. It’s wonderful. She seems wonderful. They are all good things. Check out her Guide to NYC.