China Part II – Dumplings

I have to admit that I still kind of feel like a Chinese dumpling myself due to the catastrophic number of actual dumplings I consumed during my month adventure. They. Are. Just. So. Good.

Thankfully, we discovered a couple of northern Chinese style restaurants that we frequented. The northern dishes were hands down some of my favorites. Jiaozi is the Chinese name, and we had the chance to help make a homemade batch with the help of some of our friends. A girl we met whose Chinese name is Lucy is originally from the north, and so she was a dumpling making genie. It took some practice getting a hang of the dough craftsmanship, but I soon realized that a dumpling tastes just as good with a few misplaced corners and wrinkles.




Notice Logan‘s pinch technique:



As I continue recovering from my dumpling overdose, check out this recipe on how to make your own authentic Jiaozi.


Where do I begin? In China. Part I

All I can say is that my heart is so full. I spent a month in a city with a girl who was a great friend and is now a sister to my soul. I spent a month meeting female college students that have expanded my heart with joy, wisdom and laughter. I spent a month getting to know a woman, a mother and a family that have forever imprinted my heart with discernment, truth and again, laughter. Also, I spent a month eating – eating some of the best, most interesting and at times spiciest food I’ve ever experienced.

Let’s take a look:

I was introduced to the community lazy Susan style of rotating dishes plus the ever present bucket of rice. I really enjoyed this style of serving. We would eat out of tiny bowls, but unfortunately, portion control was not easier to implement…


I was introduced to a series of the best homemade noodles. The following was at a middle eastern restaurant, and the egg and tomato noodle dish was my favorite.


Magical hand stretching and finger weaving of the dough resulted in a magnificence in noodle form.


This purple fruit is called shan zhu and was so tasty despite the force required to crack into these suckers.


Fish hot pot was not my favorite. It was difficult to maneuver around the tiny bones especially while using chopsticks. The dish continued to cook on the table in front of us throughout our meal.


Meet fish heads and don’t overlook the eyeballs…


However, at this meal, I discovered my absolute favorite dish – the Cantonese style dish called water spinach.


And this tofu dish was excellent as well. I occupied my chopsticks with these two dishes and left the majority of the fish hot pot to the enjoyment of my friend.


Logan‘s favorite: potatoes in red sauce on a hot plate.


More noodles at our favorite middle eastern meat sticks restaurant:




This was also another favorite dish. It consists of garlic stems, garlic cloves, pork and onions all on a skillet.



More noodles! Except this one is in a broth plus veggies. Really yummy.


These are dishes our Chinese friends made for us on a couple different nights. So many fun memories and yummy foods followed by card games.




More posts on my Chinese food adventures to follow! I can’t express how grateful to God I am for the month adventure in China. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and sent up light and love for me while I was abroad.