Avocado Toast

This is a quick and super easy lunch idea that I saw on The Mama Circle via my all time favorite blog A Cup of Jo. And yes, a circle for mamas. And no, I’m not a mama, but this is still a really cool site ran by a woman who is a doula, lactation counselor and chef. So, clearly there’s something for everyone. Her avocado toast post determined what I would be having for lunch today.

As always, I mixed it up a bit. Mine became an almond and garlic roasted avocado treat.

1. Mash half an avocado with a fork and add salt, pepper and horseradish if you want a kick like I always do
2. Chop and crush almonds and garlic and roast in olive oil til golden – mine were just a smidge too golden but still yummy
3. Assemble the toast and nom with a side of cherry tomatoes




Oh, and Joanna from A Cup of Jo just posted that she is moving to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, NY which happens to be about a mile and a half from the apartment I’ll be moving into in two very short weeks. So, hey Joanna, let’s be friends. Seriously.


Thursday Musings

It’s Thursday; the craziness of the week is almost over. Thank the Lord. The past few days have been full of busy class and work times and have left little room for adequate sleep and exercise.

I still try and pack a healthy lunch. This usually doesn’t take much time either. This morn, I sauteed zucchini in coconut oil and seasoned with cumin and Sriracha. I threw this in a Tupperware container – once i’m in my own place, i’ll only use glass containers instead of plastic – grabbed some of my baggies of raw spinach and baby carrots, and headed out the door for work.


For a quick and easy Sriracha-ey egg recipe, check out Logan’s yummy dinner.¬†

Life has been crazy, but I’m trying my best to be grateful. A nontraditional classmate in one of my lit courses just shared with the class the fact that she’s a single mother of eight. That’s eight children. 8 human beings. Welp, I only have to worry about feeding my own mouth, so life could definitely be crazier. The lack of sleep and happy times with friends is beginning to wear on me though. Logan encouraged me yesterday to make a list of my top priorities to help keep my head above the water. Here’s a list of some happy things ahead:

  • Tonight, I am playing with some friends and making homemade popcorn and snacks for a movie night – post to follow on the homemade popcorn adventure
  • In a few short days, I will be traveling to the West Indies for a week and a half as my last study abroad trip before graduation – many posts on Caribbean food ways to follow
  • I’m heading to my parents’ town this weekend for some much needed family and old friend time
  • Also, I’m currently reading Jane Eyre for the first time for my English lit course and I’m really enjoying. Check out my girl Brenna’s thoughts on the classic novel. She knows all things lit, life, and pop culture. Oh, and I’ll be playing with her this coming Sunday at her Oscars¬†party, yay